A new industrial investment

The “Silos Pluriels” project is a demonstration of DMT’s commitment to meeting the needs of its customers.

With its expertise in terms of raw materials, logistics and storage solutions,the “Silos Pluriels” have been designed and launched in record time. DMT builds four silos with a storage capacity of nearly 3000 m3 each. They will store different powdery products for DMT customers.

This new facility reinforces the port and river terminal to provide DMT customers with a full range of services. It will also ensure higher and higher rates.

The progress of the project is in line with the schedule. The Civil Engineering works were carried out by the company NGE. The metal silos are assembled by the TeamNetWork / SEEAC consortium.

  • Silos DMT
  • Silo Pluriel DMT - Dunkerque
  • Silo Pluriel DMT - Dunkerque